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“Yzhny dvor” is one of the largest Russian vendors of cosmetics, underwear, hosiery, household chemicals and goods.

“Yzhny dvor” company was founded on April 5, 1989 by the group of associates led by a chemical scientist, Ph. D. in technics Matlis Michael. The first wholesale shop of household chemicals was opened at Yzhnoportovaya Street, Moscow, where the “GosChlorProekt” could be found.

The personal start-up capital of Michael Yakovlevich gathered from “renting out the apartments” and selling his own invention: the fluoroplastic diaphragm designed to be used in scientific and technical devices. Those diaphragms were made with his own hands.

For a long time “Yzhny dvor” had a single shop. And most of the profits were gained from two parallel businesses. “Yzhny dvor” had  brokerage offices at seven commodity exchanges trading caustic soda, chlorine, chloramines and other chemical production. Also Mr. Matlis with partners started renting out Moscow apartments to non-residents for several days, similar to a hotel business.

There were about 200 apartments in turnover of “Yzhny dvor” with about 100% profit. “We started selling apartments instead of just renting them out, then we also started selling non-residential premises, including retail stores”, — Michael Matlis tells. But after 1994 year all real estate business was canceled due to decreased profitability.

From that moment, “Yzhny dvor” started creating its own retail network. In the middle of 1990’s company had about 500 retail stores in Russia working under “Yzhny dvor” name. In fact, all of them were market stalls because in those times most people in Russia were shopping at marketplaces.

Also, “Yzhny dvor” opened several retail shops of a full value (the first — in 1995).

When the marketplaces started to become less timely and customers began to require better service quality, the executives of “Yzhny dvor” decided to concentrate in the development of retail stores in the format of “Drogerie” — self-service shops for a specific city block residents selling household chemicals, commercial products and related goods.

By the beginning of 2000’s the number of “Yzhny dvor” marketplace retail stores decreased by seven times but the number of shops increased just as strongly.

Company started an active development in the regions, renting or buying premises in large cities, sending experienced managers from Moscow to work and train the employees at those branches.  Today the company has regional offices in Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd, Saratov and others.

Besides retail and wholesale trade of household chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, underwear and household goods, “Yzhny dvor” company opened a grocery supermarket network named “Econom-market” in August, 2002. At the time, one of the trends of the retail market in Moscow and the Moscow region was the emergence of a large number of shops where grocery was sold along with some household cleaning suppliers.

Eventually, “Yzhny dvor” company began development and partnership with major manufacturers of Russian and foreign cosmetics, perfumes, underwear, hosiery and household cleaning supplies. That included firms like Aist, Calina, Vesna, Nevskaya Cosmetika, Era, Nefis Cosmetics, Svoboda, Nivea, Benckiser, Gilette, Gussons, Evyap, Hayat, Procter&Gamble, Schwarzkopf, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever, Loreal, A. C. Johnson, Smith Kline Beecham, S. C. A. Hygiene products, Arnest, Stupinsky Himicheskiy Zavod, Avanta trading, Alphatechform and others.

The assortment of shops "Yzhny Dvor" includes over 20,000 titles of perfumes and cosmetics, personal care products, underwear, hosiery and household chemicals.

"Yzhny Dvor" practices to hire young and promising workers, also it participates in special state programs for Moscow citizens experiencing any troubles at finding a job.

As well, "Yzhny Dvor" company pays two grants named after Y. V. Matlis Ph. D. of technical sciences in Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia. Today the company collaborates actively with suppliers from China, Korea, Italy, France and some other countries, develops an international cooperation and by establishing of strong ties our customers and partners can purchase unique, original and innovative items.

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